Bridging the gap between the

Organization and its people

through meaningful events!


Whether it’s a sales conference, product launch, all hands meet, or a trade show, events bring people together, helping in company bonding, and strengthening the organization.

Virtual Events

Just like in-person conferences, virtual conferences require complex, vital agendas. They comprise breakouts, keynotes, sessions, and more.

Live Events

Attendees meet up face-to-face and exchange handshakes or eye contact in person. It normally includes a big group of people meeting.

Hybrid Events

Delivering physical event experiences to the audience who can’t attend the event in person. people can easily connect and interact virtually.


Anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, we help you plan these seamlessly, right from branding, speakers, and curating content, along with technical support.

Trade Shows

A perfect place for lead generation and networking, trade shows are an integral part of any company’s marketing activity. Once again, from branding, creative booth spaces, networking zones, and the main event arena with stage, sound, light, and audio-visual to bringing and managing speakers, Cisne events is a one-stop solution.

Appreciation Events

While on the one hand, when Rewards and recognition keep the spirits and motivation high for employees in any organization, the leadership team needs rejuvenation and time off to work on companies’ growth and targets. Whether it’s about employee rewards and recognition events or a client appreciation occasion, we help you plan and design events from end to end.

Dinner and theater
Day at the racetrack
Suites at sporting arenas
Day and evening cruises
Private parties at music festivals
Holiday parties
Tickets to a popular event

Company / Organization Milestones

Milestone events like 1st anniversary, 5th anniversary, and 10th-anniversary, silver jubilee, and golden jubilee parties reinforce a company’s growth and vision. A perfect occasion to celebrate the existence and major milestone. Milestone markers could be just for employees or extended to consultants, clients, and prospects.

Team-Building Events

As the name suggests, Team-building events build teams and boost their confidence, goodwill, and morale. These events also provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment. 

Team-building events can also include workshops about emotions and empathy in the workplace. We can help you plan these events in outdoor and indoor settings.

Product Launch Events

Product launch events are most common for B2B and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. From internal product launches for employees announcing any upcoming product to a fancy launch party that creates a buzz surrounding a product’s release among customers and the media. We help you generate media coverage and industry buzz through these launches.

Social Events

Social events are perfect for families coming together and sharing joy and happiness. We at Cisne Events help you amplify these and make them memorable for a lifetime. Be it a milestone birthday celebration, engagement ceremony, sangeet, mehendi, or the D Day; we have it all covered. Customized to your liking with your personal touch, we delicately design and execute the whole event for you.


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