With technology being an integral part of our lives, virtual events are becoming more common. We at Cisne Events provide all the necessary tools and technologies to run an effective online gathering. Though these virtual events may seem similar to those held physically, they have unique considerations such as what kind of audiovisual equipment to use or how chat rooms should function for participants and ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled and working seamlessly. Virtual events can also improve brand loyalty by giving customers a great online experience. Some organizations have started using virtual conferences to replace traditional conference calls.

We can help you generate buzz about your brand, increase customer retention rates, and provide the opportunity to interact with consumers in real-time through a seamless virtual setup. Virtual conferences can also lower company expenses by eliminating travel and other regular conventions and events costs.

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The Process

streaming features

Speakers in multiple locations can be teleported to a shared virtual stage and interact with one another through chroma key studios.

Content across all meeting platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and periscope can be streamed.

We can organize annual days, product ‚Äčlaunches, conferences among other events

Events can be both pre-recorded or live sessions with a chroma key.


Create Webinar Link

Create a Webinar / Meeting Link in preferred platform (i.e., Zoom / MS Teams / BlueJeans)

Create Speaker Link

Create Speakers and Audience link separately, share it with respective people

Customize Web Skin

On a couple of platforms, we can change the background skins

Activate Data Collection

In Zoom you can simulcast to YouTube and Facebook

Webinar Testing

Start the webinar at the scheduled time of the meeting/webinar

Simulcast Event

We can create a registration page in Zoom and MS Teams for data

Note: For YouTube streaming, make sure that the "live streaming option" is activated, if not activate the same and it takes 24 hours to get activated


The microsite is a virtual venue that allows the audience to experience it with touchpoints of live event components like HelpDesk, Photobooth, Stalls, and Virtual Games. They can chat one-on-one through live video or send emojis while logged into an event and get a more interactive experience. The theme customization options allow you to create immersive events tailored just right so each customer has a unique experience. Microsite gets as close to a live event experience where a visitor has the option to explore games, network with other attendees, take a quick break at the photo booth, or spend some time at the stall getting to know a new product, all this and more just mere at a click of a button and sitting on their comfortable couch.


Secured website with a unique name

Registration Page with OTP login features

Expo Entrance - 3 D with touchpoints for videos

Lobby area - Help desk, Agenda download

Help Desk - Can be manned virtually or chatbots

Networking Zone

Exhibition stalls (Can be Customized)

Game Zones

Recorded / live Sessions on Main Stage

User analytics

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